WordPress.tv has existed now and been a platform for publishing WordPress related videos since late 2007. In those nearly eight years 3,370 videos have been published with more being added every day. This is awesome! Yet a reality we are now facing is the fact that the software we know and love has evolved and changed considerably over this time period, thus rendering much of the early content on this site no longer applicable to users of more current releases of WordPress. In today’s TV team Slack meeting the question was raised about how to properly address outdated, deprecated, no-longer-accurate content. Keep it? Ditch it? The first question to consider is whether it is truly still valuable to the community to retain old content which no longer reflects WordPress as we experience it today. Are we serving users better by leaving this content or would the site be of better use to those seeking to learn more if less potentially confusing or misleading content existed here? Though we recognize the potential for outdated content to be confusing and misleading to new users and also the reality that many of our older tutorial style videos are still frequently visited and viewed, we have
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