This is our monthly report where we share our business insights as part of our transparency policy. Updates In June, we shipped 3 minor versions to fix some issues related to the detection of JS files for minification in the footer. Revenue $53 279 in revenue (+16,2%) 961 orders (+22,4%) 190 renewals (+179,4%) 670 new customers (+2,9%) 3081 websites added (-1,5%) As you can see our monthly revenue significantly increased this month. Looks like our plan to improve our customer acquisition worked. This is due to 3 simple tactics: A remarketing email campaign on abandoned shopping carts A promotion to increase renewals Content strategy to increase website traffic For the first time, we’ve beaten the monthly objective which is $50 000 per month. As stated on our salary grid, this revenue means that Marko, Lucy, Jonathan, Jean-Baptiste and Julio will have a 4% salary bonus on their base salary. Remarketing email campaign for abandoned carts In 2013, the abandoned cart rate was 70% on ecommerce websites. A consumer has so many reasons to stop his buying process : a beer to drink, a call, a Facebook notification an email, etc… So it’s crucial for an e-commerce site to set up a remarketing
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