If you have ever used the default WordPress commenting system, you are sure to know that it lacks in functionality. In fact, it has become such a problem that many website owners have stopped monitoring comments altogether and have disabled this valuable feature. There is a general feeling that comments these days are all spam or are simply lacking in value. There seems to be a lot of “Nice post!” type comments and no real discussions. Unfortunately, disabling the commenting function on your website sets you up to miss what valuable discussion potential there is among your readership. That is why managing your comments is a better solution, but only if it is done in an efficient manner. In the past you would have to download separate plugins for each kind of comment “hack” to increase the functionality of your commenting feeds. That is, until now. Yoast, known for being SEO savvy, has recently announced their all-in-one comment hack WordPress plugin called Yoast Comment Hacks. Exposing their once private tips and tricks to the public, Yoast has developed a plugin with a combined 5 modules that once existed as separate plugins. There is no longer the need to use outdated, non-supported,
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