When you’re laser-focused on growing your company, you can’t hire just anyone. You need a team of all-stars — people who can take your business to the next level and help shape the kind of organization you want to become. “If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs,” said the original “Mad Man,” David Ogilvy. “But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.” At Help Scout, we have a rigorous hiring process to ensure that everyone hired possesses both the skills and attitude for our overachiever culture. Ability and character must go hand-in-hand. We know hiring isn’t easy, but we believe it is fundamentally important to any company. Here are 15 resources to help you attract — and hire — the all-star employees you’re looking for. As a five-time entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, David Skok shares a generous deep-dive into the important components of hiring. Possibly one of the truest statements I’ve ever read on hiring, Joe Kraus, two-time entrepreneur and partner at Google Ventures, shares a personal story about an experience that caused this revelation. I knew I wanted to join the
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