If you are a WordPress developer and want to take your skill to the next level, there are countless resources other than the great WordPress Codex to take you there. One of the key elements behind WordPress’ tremendous growth is its helpful community. You will find solutions to almost any problems if you look around. Below we tried to build a list of helpful resources that will guide you toward WordPress awesomeness and increase your speed of production. An excellent code reference site for WordPress developers that extends WordPress Codex with lots of useful information. QueryPosts offers a detailed WordPress code reference with information like description, signature, source, and links to trac and github. Currently it offers references for 1996 functions and plans to add references for classes and hooks. Kudos to Andrey Savchenko for putting up this awesome resource and making the life of a WordPress developer easier. An awesome project by Christopher Sanford. It lists information on all the available WordPress hooks and API calls. Hookr currently holds references on actions, filters, classes, constants, functions, and shortcodes. A WordPress hooks database, built by Adam Brown. It
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