The sidebar is an important part of a typical WordPress blog, but many people just follow the crowd and use it for ads, social media widgets, links to recent posts and perhaps a monthly archive. And while this is perfectly acceptable, today I’d like to offer you a challenge – take a good look at your sidebar and think about the way you’re using it. Ask yourself this question: What could I do to make my sidebar work harder for me? In this post, I’ll be looking at the way that many popular blogs use their sidebars, and offering you ideas you can take away to use on yours. While the suggestions might not work for you straight away, don’t let that put you off experimenting and coming up with new ideas. There’s always room for improvement, and I believe that the sidebar is often not used to its full potential. The Typical Sidebar In your average sidebar you generally see the same things: A mailing list opt-in form (usually placed at the top, as attracting new subscribers is the number one goal for most blogs). Social media buttons linking out to social media profiles. A short bio and photo. Adverts to own and/or third-party products. Social media widgets pulling in tweets, photos from Instagram,
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