Ryan McCue, the lead developer of the WordPress REST API, imagines the year 2020, when the REST API is mature and in WordPress core. He tells us stories of some of the fun things that are possible. The year is 2020. WordPress powers over 35% of the web now. The REST API has been in WordPress core for a few years; the year after the REST API was merged into core, WordPress gained nearly 5% marketshare. Almost all WordPress sites use the REST API in some form or another, and an estimated 15% of all native apps use WordPress purely as a backend. 80% of the top 100 news websites run WordPress with front-ends powered by the REST API. A dozen popular hosted website platforms have custom admins or front-end editors that use the API. All of the “we should get to this eventually” items have actually been done, unbelievably, and we’ve entered the Golden Age of the WordPress REST API. Many people all across the web are using the API. Here are some of their stories. Jack, A YouTube User Meet Jack. He’s an avid follower of various different YouTube channels, some of which are 15 years old now. YouTube is still one of the biggest media companies, especially since the number of hamsterkitten videos
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