Jetpack Start Jetpack Start is our attempt at exploring a better New User Experience flow when a user first sets up WordPress. It is designed to be extensible, so that hosting companies that choose to bundle it can easily modify, add, or remove any of the steps that we've included by default. Most of the code lives in the client, and uses ReactJS and Facebook's Flux Dispatcher to manage the flow of data and UI updates. This initiative is currently being led by Daniel Walmsley @gravityrail and Luca Sartoni @lucasartoni, with design by Dan Hauk @danhauk. Previous contributors who laid the foundation are Dave Martin @growthdesigner and Miguel Lezama @lezama. Pull Requests and Issues are always welcome. :) Integrating This plugin publishes three hooks: jps_started jps_step_skipped jps_step_complete jps_started is invoked when the user clicks the "Get Started ->" link on the front page of the wizard. The latter two "step" hooks are invoked with a string (a "slug") which names the step. Each "jps_step_completed" step is accompanied by a data hash, which at a minimum includes an entry called "completion", which is the % completion of the wizard. For example, a step completion hash for the
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