Over the yea… || WordPress is like the bumble bee. Computer Scientists that studied the core code have concluded it is a miracle it works at all. It's clearly a product that taught the original developers how to work with PHP and MySQL. And it shows. Over the years, cheeky kludge functions and inside jokes have been left in place as Poetry™. The core team stubbornly refuses to keep up with the times and adopt modern PHP development standards. Superb skills in WordPress are like a country only exporting bananas. It gets you nowhere in the long run. So do you self a favour and save yourself from WordPress! Yeah, I've read a few of those articles as well - or at least participated discussions like that. While all of the rant of it's pretty much true - it does not really matter, now does it? Maybe not for the almighty dollar, but for you as a developer it might. Regardless of what is said about it, WordPress is a multimillion business and won't dissapear: Working with WordPress: An Industry of Millions, Built on One Platform My WordPress Story A while back it was somehow trendy to share your WordPress lovestory. So let me share mine real quick. I started working with WordPress in 2005.
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