This is the first post in our new BizBlog where I plan to share some of our experiences, our failures and successes with building a WordPress SaaS business. As the founder of CMS Commander and someone who has worked on various WordPress products for over 6 years now I think I will have quite a few useful lessons to talk about. If you have never heard of CMS Commander before then this is also exactly part of the topic for this first post. CMS Commander is a solution to manage multiple WordPress sites. It is a successful product but not the one everyone talks about. We are an underdog in what has become a very competitive WordPress plugin niche over the last few years. In this article I want to take a look at how we struggled with the rising competition in a new market and the steps we took to finally improve our situation. 1. Realize Your Mistakes And Fix Them CMS Commander started in 2011 and as such we were one of the early players in the manage multiple WordPress sites niche back when it just began growing. Yet we still ended up as the underdog. How did that happen? Part of the reason is that over the last years more and more players entered our market, many of which had bigger teams
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