Introduction Last week I spent most of my awake hours playing around with CircleCi. What should have taken me an hour or two ended up being a weekend project and ultimately resulted in this article. Let me start out by saying that this was my own fault. I overcomplicated the process instead of just using the awesome tools that were already available to me in the CircleCi eco-system. Allow me to explain: A few weeks ago, I discovered a really cool project called Wocker – which is basically WordPress in a Docker container. Wocker is super awesome and makes setting up a WordPress environment extremely fast and simple. When I saw Wocker the first time my immediate thought was “Hey! This could really simplify setting up CI for WordPress“. I did a bit of Googling and after finding out that CircleCi supported Docker containers, I decided to give it a go… Quickly, I realised that Wocker was not the best fit to run in a CI container, so I decided to roll my own Docker image based on some of the existing Apache, MySQL and WordPress images I could find. Basically, I wanted to run apache in the Docker container so I had a simple environment where I could install WordPress and WP Pusher. This is
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