If you have been around in the blogging or WordPress community for any length of time, am sure you must have heard of Chris Lema. If you have been living under a rock – let me introduce him. Chris is a very, very, very, very active WordPress community member , author of several bestselling books “Creating a Done Done Culture, Building & Managing Virtual Teams, etc”, coach for startups, frequent speaker at WordCamps & other meetups. He is Chief Technology Officer at Crowd Favorite. He recently supported his good friend Syed Balkhi’s campaign and donated $5000 towards building 2 schools in Guatemala through Pencils of Promise charity. Chris is extremely passionate about coaching new entrepreneurs and shares his experiences in his own honest, no-nonsense manner. You can find some of his videos on Youtube. With his ability to engage with people at all levels and give as much as he can, Chris is definitely a crowd favorite Now, over to Chris Lema – Q. Tell us about your WordPress journey – your transition from being a beginner, to a blogger and eventually a coach? I started working with WordPress a long time ago. So back then, it was much easier, and easier to learn. The benefit of starting
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