I noticed the other day that a new social networking plugin had launched for WordPress, named Peepso and created by the people behind the number 1 social networking plugin for Joomla. Out of the box is features front end user registration and login, an activity stream, responsive design which works with any WordPress theme and a number of add-ons to add extra functionality such as friend requests, photos, videos, tagging and mood statuses with emojis. Let’s take a look behind the scenes at how to set it up. Installing the Plugin Once you activate the plugin, you are taken to a configuration page where you can confirm where users can upload images to. Once that is done, you should visit the “Config Settings” tab where you can set a lot of options related to your site. Here you can set the notifications and email alerts that users will receieve based on actions like, people posting on their profile, commenting, sharing posts and so on. You can also set registration options, reporting, homepage etc. When you activated the plugin, it created a number of new pages and published them on your site with a shortcode for display the relevant content. You should now add these to a custom menu
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