As I announced yesterday, I just published a new WordPress plugin in the repository. Its name says everything: “Support Ticket“. So, as probably every plugin developer passionate about his/her plugin and thinking its the coolest/biggest/most comprehensive or whatever plugin out there, I now regularly check the download stats and hope they may rise like never seen before. When I stopped pressing F5 yesterday, I ended up with fifteen downloads. More or less as I did hope for ( I always create two “hope”-scenarios, one being fairly unrealistic and one based on comparison and experience. These two scenarios create a range where everything inside the scope is “as I did hope for” ). Today will be about the same. My poor F5 key will suffer again. So, when I opened my computer I went to the repository to see what – oh my god! – I could have missed during my sleep. Well: Here’s the thing: WordPress says, I have 50+ active installs. This would break my “hope” range on the right side
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