Something I’ve really taken to heart over the last 30 days, is the notion of becoming a better writer by reading more. There are the obvious benefits of becoming more educated, and a more well-rounded human overall, but my motivation here comes from wanting to create really stellar content for our company blog. That’s the short-term motivation anyway. About a month ago I started trying to figure out the best system for me to read as much as possible with my already limited amount of time. I looked at subscribing to a million email lists and setting up fancy filters – nah, too disruptive I thought about using Twitter as my go-to source and setting up twitter lists for the sources I wanted to follow – TOTAL DISASTER I even looked at a few apps like FlipBoard and SkyGrid – Closer, but still not quite what I was looking for So I went to the drawing board and started looking for something that would guide to me good content, but that also gave me full freedom to add whatever I wanted on my own. This is the workflow I use to read THE ENTIRE INTERNET™ in about 60 minutes per day Aside: Is it called a workflow if it’s for reading? A ReadFlow? A ConsumptionFlow? Feedly is the firehose I’ve seen
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