5 4 2 11 What Is Referral Spam? It’s when someone purposely sends fake traffic to another website in order to show up in Google Analytics Referral Traffic reports. This is particularly problematic when decisions are being based on the bad data created by referral spam. This is why it’s important to block referral spam traffic and keep your website’s analytics data as clean as possible! Identify Referral Spam Domains Install My Likely Referral Spam Advanced Segment in Google Analytics In Google Analytics for your website, navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels and then click on the “Referral” channel grouping Enable the “Likely Referral Spam” Advanced Segment to help you identify domains that are most likely sending your WordPress site referral spam (as you can see below 7 out of the top 10 referral domains were actual referral spam domains). Redirect Traffic From Referral Spam Domains Install and activate the free Semalt Blocker WordPress Plugin In your WordPress Dashboard navigate to Settings > Semalt Redirect Manager Make sure the plugin is enabled and add all the domains you have identified as Likely Referral Spam in the Domains to block field and finally save your changes
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