Are you getting this error notice on your WordPress site after updating WordPress to 4.3? Let me show you how to fix this error. It can be fixed with one line of code in your WordPress config file. Notice: The called constructor method for WP_Widget is deprecated since version 4.3.0! Use __construct() instead. I’ve had a few of our customers at report this error without any idea of how to solve it, so this is a quick guide for WordPress site owners to make the error go away. Because more than 2,000 plugins are affected, I am sure that thousands of WordPress users are seeing this error notice about the deprecated style of constructor. What Causes It? New releases of WordPress periodically “deprecate” outdated ways of doing things. Deprecation means theme and plugin authors need to modify their code and release and update of their product to use more modern code. A change in WordPress 4.3 is the reason for the “Notice” you see. Normally, hosts have the display of errors like this turned off (because they are for developers), but sometimes they do not. That’s why you see it. It’s important for plugin developers to resolve these issues in their products because after deprecation
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