On a regular basis we get requests from users about a particular WordPress problem: it’s impossible to have a larger number of allowed menu items than what the user has at the given time. Although it’s usually not a very good idea to create custom menus in WordPress with a very large number of menu items (keep usability in mind), some users experience a limit of menu items in WordPress when approaching a certain number, often near to 100 menu items. But this limit of menu items in WordPress can also occur at any other number of menu items, because the limit is related to the server settings. That means even if you have much less items in your WordPress custom menu, it’s possible that you can’t add more menu items because of this limit. The following is a quick tutorial about how to fix WordPress menu item limits. Different Servers – different Settings Each individual server has its own individual settings, people from DigitalOcean will have custom servers with custom settings each time, and people from Linode will have the exact same thing, even those who use hosting companies like HostGator or BlueHost, will find that their server configuration is always different from the guy sitting
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