If you are using any of our Premium Payment Gateways then we highly recommend that you get an SSL certificate and enforce HTTPS on your site so your donation data is securely encrypted. The importance of this cannot be understated. But it is not an easy task and involves many elements that most users are not familiar or comfortable with. This article is intended to be a guide to understanding the easiest way to make this happen for your site so you can get up and running with Give as quickly as possible. There are 5 basic steps to configuring your WordPress website to use an SSL certificate and enforcing HTTPS for your whole site: Purchase and install an SSL certificate Update your site URL Force HTTPS throughout the site Resolve any insecure elements on your pages Update Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics Each of these steps can be complicated and unique in each different hosting environment, so again, this is only a guide. Purchase and Install an SSL certificate The very first thing that must happen for all WordPress websites is to purchase and install an SSL certificate. While there are some new services that provide “free” SSL certificates we do not recommend them for the
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