Hybrid Core 3.0, developed by Justin Tadlock, is available for download. More than a year in the making, 3.0 has over 269 commits and a slew of new features. After the release of Hybrid Core 2.0 last year, Tadlock assumed it would be at least two years before he tackled another major release, “I’d planned on doing minor and patch releases for a while, all along building themes,” he said. “However, a lot has changed in the theming world in just the past year. WordPress has added a lot of cool features for theme authors that were previously handled by Hybrid Core,” Tadlock said. Tadlock wants the project to feel fresh and one way to do that is to remove features that are handled natively by WordPress. Features removed from Hybrid Core include: Atomic hooks functionality. Random Custom Background extension. Featured Header extension. Cleaner Caption extension (handled in WP). Loop title/description (replaced by WP). Pagination (replaced by WP). It’s clear that the customizer in WordPress is here to stay and will be an important part of the project’s future. Hybrid Core 3.0 adds a variety of enhancements that make the customizer more flexible, these include: Color Palette. Multiple Checkbox.
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