First a thank you to Vladimir for having me. For a bit of background: I've never had a 'real job' post-college. I had an unpaid internship doing web design for a few months out of college. I came across the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and decided to take the rest of our money from our recent wedding and incorporate our business, that was over 12yrs ago. In that span we did 5-6yrs as a web design agency, failed at launching a social network in the event planning space ($100k I'll never see again), and invented what is commonly referred to as "Managed WordPress Hosting". For the last 6yrs (Pagely turns 6 in Sept) we've revenue funded (fancy word for bootstrapping) Pagely into a multi-million dollar SaaS and leader in the space. I am an average programmer, average designer, and average CEO. I like to consider myself an above average Dad and sports fan. I'll do my best to answer any all questions as candidly as possible. Just a word though, we have never disclosed our revenues or # of employees and will not do so here today. I'll be available for the next several hours to ask questions, so let's do this: Ask me Anything.
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