The company I work for, Automattic, is bleeding edge in a lot of ways – I’ve spoken about this before (here, here and here). Recently I moved into a Team Lead role, working with a team of Happiness Engineers. This new team, Athens, is also doing some really cool stuff – but this Post is about the Lead role. The nature of Automattic leads to a lot of responsibility for everyone: having the level of freedom and autonomy that we do is incredible, but it comes with a certain weight. That weight is the weight of responsibiity: when there isn’t anyone to tell you what to do, what to think, or how to approach problems, you’re faced with a situation that is not so common in professional life – you have to decide for yourself what is important, and how to accomplish things that advance toward your own vision. Self direction is not easy! Plus, I do not know how to lead a distributed team. I have some traditional management experience, which is nice to have, but I’m not sure it’s really helping me all that much. I could hear Impostor Syndrome scratching at the door. Luckily, I had been reading Work Rules about the same time that I took on this new challenge. In Work Rules, Laszlo Bock describes
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