How to Stuff? There are only two files in _child. Which are style.css which has a tag template for the parent name functions.php which enqueues the style.css of parent theme and then style.css of _child Style.css Inside _child’s style.css there is nothing but a comment for WP to read it as a theme. At line #7 there is a template tag, which you need to replace with the folder’s name of your parent theme. Functions.php This file is a bit interesting. There’s a function called aa_theme_enqueue_styles() which is responsible for enqueuing two style sheets. First of all I enqueued the parent theme’s style.css file Then I enqueued the child theme’s style.css with parent-stylesheet dependency, to ensure that the child theme stylesheet loads after the parent’s one. If you have any questions, let me know. _Child WP Child Theme Boilerplate It lives at GitHub under a tree called GPL license. Start it, fork it. Pull requests are welcomed!
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