Did we tell you about the release of yet another generator? This cool tool will help you to add widgets to your WordPress dashboard. What is a Dashboard Widget? The dashboard is the first thing you see once you log in to your site admin, basically it’s the main admin screen. The dashboard has a few elements called dashboard widgets. The widgets on the dashboard are very handy for displaying information. You can use those widgets to present general site information like stats, notes and messages (for your clients) and summarized information from other components in your site. You can also use them to show information from external sources like cloud analytics platforms, RSS feeds, data from external APIs, and whatever you might come up with, the possibilities they are really endless here. Dashboard Widgets Generator Our Dashboard Widgets Generator allows you to create custom code for your dashboard widgets using the wp_add_dashboard_widget() function. Simply fill in the user friendly form and get valid code using WordPress Dashboard Widgets API. Hello World Dashboard Widget To show you how easy it is to build your first dashboard widgets, we will start with a simple “Hello World” widget.
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