As you have noticed we have introduced three new categories to help distinguish emerging and popular topics The one that was obviously lacking was Development for all WordPress dev stuff (from tutorials to code). The second one is Security where we will keep track of security news & issues. The last one is AMA, for the newly popular AMA category, featuring two AMAs and this time and introducing two more in the following weeks: Beaver Builder team Thursday 20/08/2015 Joshua Strebel (CEO, Pagely) Wednesday 26/08/2015 AMAs are set to become a regular weekly event here on thanks in most part to Ryan Love. We lost one category and that is themes. There seems to be very little original content there, and what is left can easily go to other categories like Tutorials, Development or Community. This is not the end of the changes, we are adjusting to new situation. Here are couple of things I'd like you to do: 1. Please use the new categories in your new posts :) 2. I would appreciate a couple of volunteers who'd like to go back and change the categories to at least the most popular posts (admin access will be given) ps. I know the icons are missing, if anyone could make them I would appreciate it :)
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