I’ve joined Envato as a ThemeForest Theme Reviewer This is a new chapter in my life one that further more fulfills my passion for WordPress. To say I am excited about it would be an understatement. Over the years I tried my best to made an impact in our community, changed some things around and for better I hope, but if it wasn’t for the great people all over the world that I got a chance to work with none of this would even exist. Here are the things that helped me be where I am today In 2010 I started reviewing themes for WordPress.org and become one of the admins and later on a senior reviewer. Years ago I created one of the most downloaded theme called Responsive. My site, theme and service was acquired after 11 short months. In February of 2015 I founded community’s first Theme Review service and partnered with Justin Tadlock. Last month I stepped down as partner and my position was acquired by friend of mine Sakin Shrestha. (Header image: The front of the Envato office in Melbourne)
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