Today I published the pre launch page for my side project Lapisense. In case you missed it, it’s a hosted activation and updates API for WordPress based products. If you don’t like running a plugin that does this for you, Lapisense might be a nice fit for your products. I got a ton of great feedback already, but one of the questions really stood out to me. Why did I launch a product in such a crowded market? There are competitors out there, WP Updates and Freemius to name a couple. Both are really solid services already. But still, I wanted to explore this market, because I think there is more to achieve. Competition drives innovation I think the already existing services are doing things right. They serve a market with a big demand for their product. Freemius even dares to innovate by offering purchases inside the products, in the customers administration panel. I applaud them for doing that. It’s not something I had at the top of my list when I started my own project, but I was blown away when I first saw them do it. There are different ways I’m going to innovate with Lapisense though. The competition pushes us to do more with our products. There is a big demand for these kind of
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