So apparently, LeadPages took Elegant Theme‘s Email Opt-In plugin, Bloom, forked it and placed it up on the WordPress Repository. They did however, rename it as Rapidology. (Note: The WordPress Repo has been taken down. Click here for the old URL.) And needless to say, Elegant Themes didn’t quite like the idea. Looks like @LeadPages took our plugin, replaced our logo in their “fork” and put it up for free on — Elegant Themes (@elegantthemes) August 25, 2015 And it looks like LeadPages did put in a significant amount of work into building a nice looking website and a nifty YouTube video for Rapidology (the fork of Bloom). Clay Collins, CEO of LeadPages has written a post in defense of Rapidology. *As a disclaimer, we are customers of Elegant Themes. In fact, this website was built using Elegant Theme’s awesome Divi theme! WordPress falls under GPL, which is a license that basically allows you can do anything you want with the software, but if you were to distribute the changes or create any derivative works, they have to come under the GPL as well. And it’s licensed under GPL because Matt Mullenweg, Founder of WordPress and Automattic, is a fond advocate of GPL,
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