We’ve all heard about it, and we’ve all had to deal with it: Missed posts! It’s especially painful if you depend on your post content to get out on time, or worse, if you’re scheduling your posts to a social media outlet of some sort! In this post I hope to show you how WP_Cron works, and how it’s kind of weird! Warning: this gets kinda devvy…brace yourself! What exactly is WP_Cron? WP_Cron is not a ‘cron’ at all! A cron is a time-based unix scheduling system that is autonomous–set a scheduled time/set the command and leave it be because the system handles it from here. (If you’ve come here from a search engine, it’s likely that you already know WordPress’ WP_Cron is not a cron.) So let’s start digging shall we? So how does it work? This is the part most don’t go into detail about. You’re usually left wanting more, or at least I was, and I really hate feeling helpless hanging on someone else’s word that WP_Cron is just crap and I should install WP Missed Schedule to fix it. I, for one, dislike the use of plugins, because as a developer I want to know what’s wrong, why, and how to fix it. Using plugins takes away from the fun of it; granted, time is a deciding factor, but if it were
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