Everyone has a different reason why they first decided to make a WordPress site. For me, it was that I wanted to blog about nerd stuff and coming to terms with my own true nerdiness. For others its the desire to establish themselves as an expert, sell a product, advertise their business or share their own story. What ever the impetuous, the first thing most people was go out, buy a domain name and sign up for a hosting account. That was me, and one five minute install later, I was playing around on my site, trying out different themes, cutting and pasting things I found on the web into my functions.php and FTPing the changes on up to my site. In no time, I was having fun, but I was also breaking things left and right. Luckily no one was really looking, but if I was playing on a site that was for an established business, that could have been really embarrassing. Not only that, I was dealing with FTP, and caching, and constantly waiting for the changes to upload, and making sure I was editing the right file, and not overwriting something. I had no idea how much of a giant waste of time this was. Most new WordPress implementers, developers, designers, content creators, etc start their
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