Have you heard the phrase “MVP” when it comes to plugin development? It means “Minimal Viable Product”. It’s an excellent concept because it enables developers to stay focused on getting their product out the door with the minimum of features, so that users can get their hands on it and provide feedback. We love the concept of MVP. But every MVP needs to grow up. A Quick History of Google Maps Builder Last summer, WordImpress founder and Lead Developer Devin Walker needed to provide his client a way to generate Google Maps on their new WordPress website. At that time he didn’t find a really solid solution for them, so he built one. Once the site was live, he saw great potential in his little plugin and decided to build it out and release it on the WordPress Plugin Directory. Little did he know that it would quickly become one of the most popular Maps plugins on the Plugin Directory. Currently, Google Maps Builder has over 10,000 active installs and roughly 43,000 downloads. And honestly, since it’s release, it’s been in need of a little love. No more MVP for this guy. That’s what this announcement today is all about. Below you’ll find details about what’s in store for 2.0, how you can
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