ThemeConf is a conference I’m co-organising next month in Keswick, Lake District. Keswick is about 2 hours from Manchester and 3 1/2 from London. In this post, I though I’d write about why we are putting on this and what it is. It began with a meal In December, we had a meal for those of us Automatticians that lived in the UK. This was a really nice meal organised by Jack Lenox in Keswick. This actually was the first time for me visiting the Lake District. Winter brought fog, rain and a bit of a nip in the air, but I was astounded by what beauty I saw. Over dinner – I forget how – the topic of Jack wanting to put a web event on in the Lake District came up. We all agreed it was beautiful and there was a lack of anything there. I also brought up how I wanted to do a conference around themes. Food came, drinks flowed and more conversations occurred. Somewhere a seed had been planted and after Christmas this began to become something we could consider doing. After a little time, we approached the amazing HR team at Automattic and within what seemed like a blink of a very fast eye had a significant sponsorship, support and blessing to do this. Words along the lines of “well we’re doing
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