Did you miss WordCamp Maui? Earlier this year I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with some incredible people and interview them. They had no advance notice of my questions They had no time to prepare They only knew the title of our session We had all the time in the world I’ll tell you this – whenever you get a chance to talk to top WordPress business owners, go for it. There’s so much to learn. But don’t take my word for it. Here are the seven interviews. Check them out! John Hawkins, Founder of 9Seeds – Choosing between services & products Meet the Organic Themes Founders – On Getting into Themes Stepping into Plugins – with Vladimir Prelovac What are you noticing? Are you catching any themes from these first presentations? Building products is hard work It’s easier to narrow down your feature set once you have that in your head…but getting there can be hard. You have to love your customers, a lot, to be successful. Another thing to note – the low church that Organic & Vladimir experience is a testament to their awesomeness. Because the industry standard is much higher! Exploring the Freemium Model with Sam Hotchkiss Takeaway: Make sure you’re solving a critical problem.
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