Stream 3 is available for download and includes some significant improvements. Stream is a WordPress plugin that tracks changes to a site similar to an audit trail. When version two was released nearly a year ago, it morphed from a plugin to a service. Activity logs were stored in the cloud which lessened the amount of resources used on local webservers. Version three will no longer store data in the cloud. Instead, it will store activity logs locally. The cloud service provided by Stream 2 is closing on October 1st. This gives users a little more than a month to migrate data from the cloud to their local webserver. The Cloud is Expensive Luke Carbis, lead developer of Stream, says the time frame was chosen based on a number of factors, “We chose a 6 week migration window as a balance between bleeding cash and doing the right thing by our users. “It’s also helpful to remember that the vast majority of our users are on a Free plan, which only includes 12 weeks of storage. We are monitoring the accounts of each of our paid users and I’m personally making sure that every one of them has migrated,” Carbis told the Tavern. The move away from the cloud is largely based on cost. The majority
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