After interviewing thirteen WordPress developers for a book on getting up and running with WordPress development, I have some key takeaways that I’d like to share with you. Editor’s note: this is a guest post by Fred Meyer of WP Shout. WP Shout is a really solid WordPress tutorial blog by Fred and David Hayes. Up and Running is an excellent guide for leveling up your WordPress development skills, and this post walks through some of the takeaways they had during the process of creating the guide. As part of our e-book package on WordPress development, Up and Running, my partner David and I recently interviewed thirteen of the world’s best WordPress developers: In addition to live code walkthroughs, the interviews included a series of questions about WordPress development: What does well-written WordPress code mean to you? What tools do you find most useful in your work in WordPress? What advice do you have for people learning WordPress development? In this article, I’ll summarize some of my own key takeaways from these interviews. (You can also see a related slide deck at WPShout.) It’s About Clarity “To me, good code is code that you can understand, and that you can work with, and iterate
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