One of the questions we receive on a regular basis from developers is whether or not we’ll be building an add-on marketplace for Beaver Builder (it’s also a popular feature request). We were initially hesitant to do so, but given the recent interest from various members of the community, we’ve decided to go for it! Here’s a look at our thoughts on building a marketplace for Beaver Builder and our plans for making that happen. We Need Your Help! To make this happen, we’ll need your help! Building a marketplace isn’t going to be rocket science, but it won’t be anything without contributions from members of the amazing Beaver Builder developer community. Sure, we have a few ideas for things we could build that make sense as add-ons, but building add-ons isn’t currently our focus. We have plenty on the roadmap and don’t want to diverge from that. Instead, we’re looking for you to provide the meat and potatoes of the marketplace. We’re still figuring out a lot of this, but we do know that we want to launch sometime later this year with add-ons from early contributors. If you’re interested in developing and selling add-ons for Beaver Builder, please get in touch with me at justin [at] fastlinemedia
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