As we all know by now, WooCommerce allows you to add products which can be categorized as Simple, Grouped, External/Affiliate and Variable. In the previous article I explained in detail the procedure with which you can add a Simple Product. Today, I will discuss how you can add a Grouped Product in WooCommerce. One common observation which will apply to all other types is that the checkboxes for Virtual and Downloadable, which were displayed when we created a Simple Product, will now disappear. Adding a Grouped Product The option which you will see just below the Simple product is for the Grouped product. A grouped product has one parent product and many children products. For example, Windows 10 could be a parent product and its versions, i.e. 32-bit and 64-bit, could be its children. To start with creating a grouped product, first add the name/title plus a brief description of the product. Then scroll down the page to choose Grouped product from the product data field. The moment you select the option for Grouped product, the tabs for settings change immediately. Actually the tabs for General and Shipping disappear. There are certain other changes in other tabs. Let's have a look
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