“Error connecting database.” “My WordPress site is too slow.” “Is my hosting sucks?” How may times have you faced the similar problem as above or seen WordPress users complaining about such issues? There could be multiple reasons for the above issue & one of them is the database of your WordPress blog. Even if you haven’t faced the above issues, it’s important for you to clean up your WordPress database on a regular interval. This could be a week or a month depending upon how regular you post or how big your WordPress blog is. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I do database cleanup once every month. So, you can calculate your best optimum interval according to your blogging frequency. Especially those who add & delete many new WordPress plugins, cleaning up your database will significantly improve your WordPress blog & hosting performance. In the past I have talked about WP-Optimize, WP-DB Manager, Clean options plugin to get all this done, and today I’m sharing another great plugin call WP-Sweep by one of well-known WordPress developer & techie name Lester Chan. How to use WP-Sweep plugin to clean up WordPress database? This is one of those plugins which doesn’t require any technical skills & most
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