Plenty of web designers and webmasters are passionate about gaming. Whether we admit it or not, every one of us needs recreational time, and a video game is a great way to have fun. On the other hand, some (yes, you may read it as all) video games are truly addictive, aren’t they? Luckily, every software solution has a set of useful shortcuts, including WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. In this article, we’ll examine the most popular keyboard shortcuts available in WordPress. General Shortcuts Someone once said that anyone who is able to work with Microsoft Office is also able to work with WordPress. Even the keyboard shortcuts are similar. The shortcut for copying is Ctrl/Cmd + C, for pasting is Ctrl/Cmd + P. If you want to cut, then you may save some time by using Ctrl/Cmd + X. You may have already figured it out how to select everything – Ctrl/Cmd + A. Of course, everyone makes mistakes and “undo” is one of the most used commands. The shortcut for undo in WordPress is Ctrl/Cmd + Z and for redo is Ctrl/Cmd + Y. To wrap up, general shortcuts in WordPress are: Ctrl/Cmd + C for copy Ctrl/Cmd + P for paste Ctrl/Cmd + X for cut Ctrl/Cmd + A for select
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