I have been writing on WPLift most days since 2010 publishing over 800 posts in that time, I also run my own premium theme company ThemeFurnace, so it has been my job pretty much for 5 years now to stay on top of the goings on in WordPress. I have noticed trends come and go – at the start, when premium WordPress themes were new, the trend was for magazine style themes as there wasn’t hardly any available for free in the WordPress directory – they were mostly blogging themes. Magazine themes allowed people to run more sophisticated blogs and news portals with more content than a traditional blog layout would allow. I would say we then moved on to business and portfolio style themes as WordPress developed into more of a CMS than just a blogging tool – people could now use it to power their corporate sites and agencies and freelancers used it for their portfolio websites. In the past year we have moved into the realm of “Multi-Purpose” themes, which pack a lot of different options into one theme. Similar to frameworks these types of themes can be configured for many different purposes, you can use the same theme to create a portfolio, eCommerce site, business site or blog by playing with
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