If you’ve been using UkuuPeople over the last two months since we announced its debut on the WordPress plugin repository, you’ll be really excited to meet the latest release, 1.5.0. We’ve been putting a ton of work into rethinking the workflows and UX. There were definitely some things that weren’t polished in the way users moved between contacts and Touchpoints. There was also some useful information that wasn’t readily visible in the contact dashboard and Touchpoint dashboard. Another thing we’ve been working on is making our add-on licensing more convenient to manage as well as more in line with typical WordPress licensing methods. Enough words. Let’s take a look! WordPress Dashboard Besides the My Favorites and My Activities, we’ve now added a Quick Add Touchpoint dashlet where you can quickly add a Touchpoint to one of your UkuuPeople Humans. This is great for adding a quick meeting, note, or phone call record to one of your existing Humans in WordPress. It’s great for adding Touchpoints manually as well. Of course, you can still use the Give and Gravity Forms integrations to automatically collect Touchpoint information. In version 1.5 of UkuuPeople, we made some small but significant
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