Realizations after selling my first business. When I quit my corporate job in 2008, I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship or the craft that would eventually become my passion — I was hungry for something new and really had nothing to lose. Using WordPress as my platform, I started designing and making things, blogging about the entire process as I learned which organically lead to a strong connection within a community of like-minded people. Without intention, I carved my name in the wall and became a respected voice which opened so many doors throughout the next 6 years of my career. If I’m completely honest, I was an average designer at best back then, but the hunger I had lead me in a way I had never experience before in my life. I listened to my peers, I saw the trends and what everyone else was doing, but always did my own thing in the end. Eventually, I became better as both a designer and entrepreneur. With nothing to lose, I had no fear in my voice or my craft, but I was humble and always respected the opportunity that had presented itself to me. I was truly happy for the first time in my professional career and felt like I had finally found myself. As time passed, I
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