We’ve been building mobile apps that integrate with WordPress for a couple of years now. The apps that we and our customers build are always for the front-facing part of WordPress, not the administration or wp-admin area. If you want a mobile app that allows you to manage WordPress itself, you can use the WordPress apps by Automattic. With these apps, you can add or edit posts, comments, view stats, and more. The mobile team has done a fantastic job with these apps, and they work great. The thing is, I want something different, something I can hack and customize. I also want everyone else to be able to customize their apps, without knowing anything about mobile app development. The purpose of this project is to create a free and customizable WordPress management app by the community, and for the community. Note to our customers: this post is a digression from our normal posts. It’s not about an AppPresser product, it’s an open source project that doesn’t affect your account. We thought you might like to hear about it though, read on if you’re interested! The Idea These are the main ideas behind the app. Create a free, open-source app for WordPress website management. This app is for
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