WordPress 4.3, which is due next month, has just released its Beta 1 version with glimpse of several upcoming new features. While the new features mostly become topic of wide discussion amongst the developers’ community, I want to cover them from the perspective of what general users can expect in upcoming WordPress 4.3. The announcement for WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 includes changes and new features in areas including Menus, Site Icon, Better passwords, Editor Improvements, and list view improvements. I have further discussed the major changes and new features in WordPress 4.3 below; 1. Menus management added to Customizer Although highly debated amongst the developers’ community, WordPress customizer has now included options to manage Menus. You can add new Menu, Menu items, and define Menu areas all from the font-end customizer with live preview of your changes. To me, It works all perfectly but I think it’s not something that would hugely improve setup process of a website. If this feature really gets positive feedback from overall users will be interesting to see. 2. Site Icon Feature The site icon feature will allow you to manage your website’s favicon and app icon as seen on several
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