Let’s take a look at the plugin’s main features and capabilities: There are 9 types of charts – there are multiple ways to showcase your data with this plugin, specifically: line charts, area charts, column charts, bar charts, pie charts, gauge charts, geo charts, candlestick charts, and scatter charts. It’s flexible and customizable – you can create any chart you want, use an unlimited number of fields, lots of colors and options to make it look exactly like you need it. That being said, all customizations are optional and the basic settings are perfectly ready to go. There’s HTML5 and SVG support – charts are rendered using HTML5 and SVG. This guarantees cross-browser compatibility. In short, every blogger or website owner who has ever published any sort of data visualization. It’s that simple. The plugin will give you an edge over everybody else and make your content pop. Also, getting into specific niches, if you’re in the financial sector, the plugin is a no-brainer. I’m sure you’re publishing quite a lot of number-driven content. Another area is researchers and academic bloggers. Again, lots of number-driven content. Nothing difficult here! You can get it and install it easily
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