As an Amazon advanced technology partner we get a first look at Amazon’s new products and tools. At last year’s RE:Invent Amazon announced a new database product called Aurora, which promised up to 5x performance gains on the same hardware AND would act as a drop-in replacement to MySQL. While we did see impressive gains across the board, on average Aurora RDS is 3x faster than MySql RDS when used with WordPress. Aurora is now in full production at Pagely and we’d like to share some data and thoughts on how it has improved performance for our WordPress hosting customers. Aurora Delivers Operational Improvements Aurora features Fast failover which means things like a DB upgrade can be done without noticeable down time Improved data in AWS dashboard (DDL/DML/Select throughput and latency, result set cache hit ratio) We have some of this in 3rd party monitoring, but it makes the day to day dashboard more useful. Features built-in lag reporting/monitoring Auto-scaling of underlying storage Faster metadata access Lower and more consistent slave lag Our Testing Methodology. Before moving Aurora into production use we wrote a custom script that logged every database action on 100 of our hosted
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