5 11 2 1 The WP Valet team loves building strong relationships in the community. It’s exciting to grow and work with new people. This month, we’re very happy to announce that Pantheon—a WordPress and Drupal hosting company—is now working with WP Valet as partner. To get things off to a smooth start, our team took a trip out to San Francisco to get better acquainted with the folks at Pantheon. When we walked into the room on day one, we kicked off with their CEO Zack; Kit, who led helping us form a process to migrate all of our sites; Greg, their open-source contributor; and Dwayne, who’s managing our relationship with Pantheon. They asked us a ton of questions how about who our clients are, how we work, and what our problems really are. It was pretty clear that they are super interested in helping us solve some of our challenges. Things We Love About Pantheon The Pantheon Workflow is what we love most about Pantheon. It’s a flow that translates pretty well to ours at WP Valet. However, our workflow is fairly tedious to set up, and it’s difficult for us to move quickly on new or urgent projects. The Pantheon workflow is opinionated, polished, and well thought out. On top of that, Pantheon
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