Note: I’m writing this post at midnight, so I apologize in advance for any grammar and spelling errors (publishing this post is more important than making it perfect). My name is Clay and I’m a co-founder and CEO of Today, we launched a 100% free plugin called Rapidology (you can download it here). This plugin is free, licensed under the GPL, and is a fork of the Bloom Plugin by Elegant Themes (which is also an open source plugin licensed under the GPL). The response to Rapidology has been positive, but I also fielded a few negative comments about the plugin on twitter. All of this brings me to . . . My Primary Purpose With This Post My primary purpose with this post is to answer the following three questions . . . (1) Is our fork legal? (2) Is this in the spirit of the open source community? (3) Is this a crappy thing to do, even if it is legal? Q: Is Forking the Bloom Plugin Legal? (And What Is The GPL?) Yes, our fork is 100% legal. And free. All WordPress plugins inherent WordPress’s open source license agreement. Furthermore, Elegant Themes explicitly states in their terms of service that… “Our WordPress themes and plugins are released under the GNU
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