There was a time that Akismet was the go-to weapon against comment spam on WordPress sites. Unfortunately, we don’t think it has kept up with the threats that web developers face, it makes mistakes and still leaves a bunch of garbage comments in your WordPress database. I’ve never used Akismet, can’t really explain why, just didn’t. Olaf used to use it but has since found better alternatives to Akismet. Reasons to avoid using Akismet It’s only free for personal use; otherwise you have to pay from $60 a year for each site up to $50 a month (“for publishing networks, agencies, hosts and universities or multiple sites”). Part of the problem with that concept is that they don’t really define what they consider a “commercial” website. Is a commercial site a mommy blogger with a few Adsense ads or is it only true commercial enterprises that sells a product or service? A lot of obvious spam gets through. Doesn’t actually block the spammers. Akismet might flag their comments as spam but it does nothing to keep them from dumping 100 spam comments a day on your site. All of that junk uses your bandwidth, disk space and clutters up your WordPress database. False positives. Akismet has a reputation
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