WordPress 4.3, “Billie”, has been released. Billie includes four major user-facing features that most website owners will experience on a semi-regular basis, and many other enhancements, bug fixes, and developer features. WordPress 4.3 has been four months in the making and is shipping right on time. The release was lead by Konstantin Obenland. 247 people contributed to WordPress 4.3. As always, WordPress is named after a famous jazz artist. Billie Holiday has an fascinating story and you can check out her Wikipedia and peruse her pretty outstanding WordPress website too. Here’s a video overview of Billie: I really like the video for this release, as it tells the story of WordPress 4.3 from a single site owner’s perspective, which is very clever and effective. Let’s highlight some of what’s new, and I’ll offer reference links where appropriate: Stronger passwords by default We can finally mark the end of emailing users their passwords. Instead, new user accounts included a prompt for users to generate their password when they log in the first time, and manual password generation is more intuitive and designed for creating strong passwords. If the account creator opts to show the password,
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